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Ferguson, Philly, New York, Baltimore; The Rage Against Law and Order

Rachel Pendergraft

One more riot, one more burned building, and one more torched police car.  The rioters/looters (protestors) rage about alleged racism and the unfairness that they must endure on a daily basis.  Yet, entire sections of every single American city are unsafe for a white man or woman to walk through. No one speaks of this racism. “Oh, it is just because of poverty” some will claim; but somehow white impoverished areas don’t pose the same thD6LTUJ01threat, even to blacks.  “It is the big city environment”, others cry out; then again, in small black towns all throughout the South, white families live in fear of their black neighbors. What is amiss? Is it poverty? Is it just the beat of the city? Or, is it something more systematic?

If there is anything that is certain under the sun it is this: law and order is the foundation of the white race and it is the attack upon this most basic principle that is at the root of all of society’s problems. The concept of law and order is what thrusts nations into civilized status. Nations without clear cut rules of order are in disarray.  They are out of balance with nature and they are unable to reach their full potential.

A key component of the civil rights era was the eradication of the rule of law and that meant, of course, white rule.  The Communists and cultural Marxists (today, men such as George Soros) set out to dismantle our free republic and the quickest route was racial instability.  Instill hatred into the black race for white people and these black children raised on anti-white hysteria would grow to be the new revolutionaries.  Not all would fall for this ploy, but enough would and has. Toss in anti-white sentiment amongst the non-white Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern populations and you end up with a large contingency of non-whites with a well developed axe to grind against white “oppressors.”

However, anti-white propaganda wasn’t the only thing to come out of the “freedom” movement of the sixties.  The law enforcement community was next on the Marxist hit list.  Cops were viewed as the front line soldiers of the white establishment.  Even today, black cops are viewed as “Uncle Toms” who trade a paycheck from the white government for selling out the black neighborhoods.  The essence of law and order is something that these black neighborhoods just won’t tolerate.  They don’t want cops arresting anyone or else they claim bias; but on the other hand if the cops pull back and don’t heavily patrol the area, then allegations are made that the cops just don’t care.  Talk about a no-win situation for law enforcement!

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Black Judge, Black Thugs, White Victims – Judge Mad Because White Girl Now Scared of Black Men

Two black thugs broke into the home of a white family while an innocent little girl was watching cartoons.  The thugs got probation while the judge read the riot act to the white family for promoting racial stereotypes!

As part of the sentencing, Jordan and Tommy Gray wrote in a victim impact statement that their daughter is still in “constant fear” of black men.”  The assailants only received six months probation even though the mother begged for them to be sent to prison.

Tommy Gray also wrote that since the crime, his daughter had been terrified of black males and that probation was not sufficient punishment for Gregory Wallace, 27, who had pleaded guilty to robbery.

“If holding a little girl at gunpoint gets you probation, then our system is flawed,” Gray said.

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Landlords will be Held Responsible for Renter’s Crimes

thLRCL7Q7UCrime is a big problem. Its so big, that Saginaw, Michigan decided that criminals couldn’t be trusted to end their trouble making, so they are going after innocent people. On Monday they passed an ordinance that will require all of the city’s renters to make a “crime-free” pledge in their leases. The ghastly part isn’t that the city wants landlords to boot law breaking tenants out, but that these landlords could be held financially responsible if said tenants break the law.

Crimes that should result in eviction include:  drug-related activity, criminal gang activity, assaults or threatening activity, malicious destruction of property and other violations of criminal laws and municipal codes. Under the new law and the three-strikes clause, landlords will be fined if renters commit three crimes on the property during the year. Read the rest of this entry »

Activist Judges Overruling the Will of the People

judgeTime and time again, we hear that the people throughout America are steadily moving toward full approval of “gay marriage” and homosexuals, in general.  However, this is not true. Check out the story below.  It is basically, a repeat of what has been happening all across America.  Voters reject “gay marriage.” Then, along comes some federal judge who overrules the will of the people and then the state is stuck with this abomination.  Do you realize that there isn’t one single state that now has legalized “gay marriage” that did so without the interference of a judge?  The people have never voted for this.  Never!

The same thing can be said for abortion, integrated schools, interracial marriage, or amnesty for illegal aliens.  The people are being run over roughshod by the judiciary who act like tyrannical gods.  The goal is to force these unchristian behaviors upon America and due to the lack of vigilance by parents, each new generation of children grow up thinking these behaviors and actions are normal.  More teens than ever before think that “gay marriage” is perfectly okay.  How long before they think that pedophilia is okay?  Perhaps it won’t be today’s teens, but more than likely, the next generation will as more and more “mental” health care professions say that pedophilia is a sexual orientation like any other and that depending upon the circumstances it can be a welcoming experience! How low can the “leaders” of America fall. They are taking more with them each and every time.

But for now, the majority of people do NOT approve of homosexuality or “gay marriage.”  As Oprah Winfrey said, a lot of things won’t change until all of the old white people die.  A lot of people are just waiting for old white people to die off, then there won’t be any resistance to the further degradation of America.  Parents must do their part to insure that their children are not simply willing tools of this rebellion against righteous standards, but will themselves rise up and raise a new standard in the land.  That’s what good parents do, whether the lunatic activist judges like it or not.

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Iowa students Mentally Assaulted at State Sponsored XRated “Safety” Assembly

mcp2Poor Iowa. Its a state of red blooded Americans, prime farm country, wholesome values and important as the first stop for most presidential candidates. But Iowa has its share of perverts and they are trying to influence teens in the state.  An anti-bullying seminar attended by over a thousand students ended up as a showcase of x-rated porn talk.

Fox News reports:

Some parents were furious about some of the sexually explicit comments from paid speakers – including a comedian who told the high school students how “pleasurable it is for gay couples to eat each other’s behinds and how to use different flavors of (oils) to make it taste better.”

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Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison Wants To See A Cop Shoot A White Unarmed Teenager In The Back Or Else Society is Still Racist

th766FCM47Its shocking! Well, not really. While white people fall all over themselves trying to prove how color blind they are, non-whites see color everywhere and see racism lurking behind every corner.  Novelist, editor, professor and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison said during an interview with The Telegraph she didn’t believe racism had ended. She cited a few things that she believes must happen to prove that America isn’t racist.

“I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back,” she said.  “And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman.” Monstrous! Outrageous! Yes, its heartbreaking to know that someone children are taught to look up to would spout such garbage, but its more incredulous that this educated woman is given an implied authority on race issues and yet knows very little.

For instance. Last March, two Albuquerque police officers shot homeless unarmed white man James Boyd in the back. And three years ago, black Mobile police officer Trevis Austin killed 18-year-old unarmed white teenager Gilbert Collar.

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Iowa high school discriminates against pro-life students by blocking pro-life group

thDENMXVTRHAMPTON, IA( – Principal Steve Madson of Hampton-Dumont High School has received a demand letter from Students for Life of America’s law firm, the Thomas More Society, on behalf of student Isabell Akers and Students for Life of America. The letter charges that Principal Madson has unconstitutionally discriminated against Isabell by denying her the right to form a Students for Life club at Hampton-Dumont High School.

“The pro-life students are simply asking for equal treatment,” said Jocelyn Floyd, Associate Counsel of Thomas More Society. “Here the school is trying to claim that its lesser treatment is justified because Isabell’s club doesn’t tie in with the school’s curriculum—but neither do most of the school’s other clubs, such as the book club, mock trial, or SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving). By law, Hampton-Dumont High School administrators must give their pro-life students the same opportunities as they give all these other school clubs.” Read the rest of this entry »

Black Only Field Trips for Students in Indiana

The general myth is that blacks are too poor to go to college and most white kids do go to college. The reason is white privilege, anti-whites suggest. The truth is that anybody of any color who can’t afford college is eligible for government grants which are sufficient for almost any state college.  Student loans, while not desirable by some, are still available for most as well.

Yet, there has to be a reason for the high crime rate of black areas.  The reason implied is poverty and the reason there is poverty is due to the inability of blacks to afford higher education. This hypothesis is false. Still, schools in Indiana want to do their part so they are organizing black only field trips.

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