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Sodomite Dislikes new iPhone App

By The Knights

There are many devout Roman Catholics in the U.S., Canada, and world wide, in fact. For many of them it is difficult to get to confession on a weekly basis. And there is homework to do also. While the debate continues between Catholics and Protestants over the role of the priest in absolving one of sins, both agree that it is important to confess your sins in order to purify your mind of guilt and to then strive to live a more God centered life.

When going to confession it must be remembered that it is of a very serious nature. You should really ponder the sins you have committed. Some sins you may be unaware of, others you are blatantly aware of and had this knowledge when you committed the sinful act. These are the worse sins. So this is where the homework comes in prior to confession to a priest. You should think long and hard about your transgressions and really learn to understand how you can be a better Christian.

And here comes the technology aspect of confession. Roman Catholics everywhere were pleased when a new Iphone app was released. “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” has become quite popular since its debut. The application was designed to help prepare for the sacrament of confession. But it has some boiling mad about it and they want it gone.

Wayne Besen is the executive director of Truth Wins Out and he is an out and proud Sodomite. Yes, the very same type of Sodomite that God condemned by raining fire and brimstone upon that ancient city of Sodom. He has been reported to have said that the mention of homosexual sin in the confession app would, “create neurotic individuals who are ashamed of who they are.”

He says that “Gay Catholics don’t need to confess, they need to come out of the closet and challenge anti-gay dogma. The false idea that being gay is something to be ashamed of has destroyed too many lives. This iPhone app is facilitating and furthering the harm.”

So Mr. Besen doesn’t want to be reminded of his sin and he doesn’t like the idea of other sodomites being reminded of their sin. Instead, he thinks the church should support homosexuality and other deviant lifestyles as normal and healthy. But is it really the job of the church to make everyone feel good about whatever choice they make? No. It is the job of the church, to teach the word of God and to have no company, friendship, affiliation, or contact whatsoever with those who would commit such grievous offenses against the faith.

In fact, I don’t think the iPhone app goes far enough. Instead of just asking, “Have you been guilty of any homosexual activity?’ followed by instruction on how to confess this sin, it should be followed by an immediate charge of excommunication! God does forgive. But he doesn’t forgive those who refuse to change their ways. True repentance isn’t a matter of what you say, its a matter of how you change your life.

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