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Schools With Too Many Disciplinarian Actions Against Non-Whites Could Face Government Scrutiny

Knights Party Staff

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the Obama administration wants schools to end disciplinary policies that are “overly zealous” and sometimes discriminatory.  Apparently attorney General Eric Holder believes the problems come from “zero tolerance” policies that often end up with students going from the school yard to the prison yard instead of the principal’s office.

After more than 40 years and billions of dollars.  non-white students (excluding some Asian groups) still lag behind whites scholastically.  At first it was attributed to segregated schools.  Integration didn’t help.  Then it was suggested that non-white children don’t receive enough early education. Head start hasn’t helped.  Maybe it is due to the lack of community resources.  Again, government to the rescue, billions more  of taxpayer money spent and billions given via grants and donations by corporations. Still no change.  Afro-centric education didn’t do the trick and Ebonics didn’t help.

The black community is in shambles and its more likely than ever for a black male to end up in prison.  AIDS is an epidemic among black heterosexuals.  Other non-whites don’t lag far behind.  A majority of black families have no father in the home and while non-white Hispanic families fare a little better in this regard, domestic abuse is rampant.

There must be something wrong and now Eric Holder is implying that is is all because of racist schools.  Racist schools turn basically good kids who have done something wrong into lifetime criminals.  This carries over into the community and all sorts of problems result.

“Ordinary troublemaking can sometimes provoke responses that are overly severe, including out – of – school suspensions, expulsions and even referral to law enforcement..”

During his announcement, Holder, with Al Sharpton standing next to him, accused schools of not treating students fairly and that “conflict resolution” should be used rather than calling the police.

In American schools, black students were more than three times as likely as whites to be expelled or suspended, according to government civil rights data collection from 2011-2012. Although black students made up 15 percent of students in the data collection, they made up more than a third of students suspended once, 44 percent of those suspended more than once and more than a third of students expelled.

More than half of students involved in school-related arrests or referred to law enforcement were Hispanic or black, according to the data.

Does this prove racism or is it more evidence of a propensity toward violent behavior and thwarting authority?

Daniel A. Domenech, executive director of the School Superintendents Association suggests that schools need more money to tackle the problem.

Among the other recommendations:

— Ensure that school personnel understand that they are responsible for administering routine student discipline instead of security or police officers.

— Draw clear distinctions about the responsibilities of school security personnel.

— Provide opportunities for school security officers to develop relationships with students and parents.

The government advises schools to establish protocol for distinguishing between disciplinary infractions appropriately handled by school officials compared with major threats to school safety. And, it encourages schools to collect and monitor data that security or police officers take to ensure nondiscrimination. (This means that crimes will increase in schools, but the government will advocate for schools to under report thereby giving a false illusion that non-white schools are safer than they are and that non-whites don’t commit as many crimes in schools as they do.  It also won’t give parents an accurate representation of the school districts they may choose to send their children too. Is the Justice Department suggesting the withholding of evidence?)

While the Justice Department says the new recommendations are non-binding, in March of 2013 they went after the Meridian, Mississippi school district for alleged discriminatory disciplinary actions. The school district was forced to settle.

Watch the vicious and hateful attack of three black students against one white student who is minding his own business and sitting in his seat.  The report states that the bus driver is following the school’s policy by not intervening and instead calling police dispatch.  Under the new Obama/Eric Holder recommendations the bus driver should break up the fight (he’ll probably get beaten down by the thugs also) NOT call police, felony convictions should not be sought nor arrests made.  Maybe the kids just need some counseling or a better before school, in the middle of school, or after school program.  And suspension or expulsion? Forget about it.

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