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Gun Holder Stops Thug

Knights Party Staff

A man denied entrance into a gentleman’s club (I wouldn’t exactly refer to it as a “gentleman’s club” a true gentleman doesn’t support anti-family activities, but that is outside the scope of this news item) returned and began firing at a club bouncer and customers.

The very ungentlemanly shooter hit three people and then took off, but not before he was shot by another bouncer who worked at the establishment.

A DJ, Ian Boynton, who works there and saw the shooting told KATU that it was an employee with a concealed carry permit.

“I know that he’s a military vet, does have a concealed weapons permit, and took matters into his own hands to save everyone else. As far as we’re concerned, he’s a hero.”

Though some may not care about what happens at a “gentleman’s club”, this could just have easily been a restaurant, school, convenience store, or a number of other places.

The story is being ignored nationally of course, because it goes against the bias of the gun prohibitionists who are employed in disproportionate numbers by the national media.  Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens can stop bad guys with guns.

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