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Changes in View for Illinois’ New Gun Law

Knights Party Staff

Illinois approved a conceal and carry law just  a little over a week ago and  self-defense advocates are elated that some law makers are seeing the light and recognizing that it doesn’t make sense to rob good citizens of the most obvious means of protection.

While residents all over the state are lining up to go through the process of getting licensed to conceal and carry, others are warning that there are changes that need to be made.

One of those changes being suggested is lowering the age from 21 to 18 at which someone can apply.  As many point out, 18 year-old’s are required to register with selective service in the event of a military draft and the U.S. views these young people as fully capable of military service and protecting U.S. interests.  This reasons that young adults who are able to fight in the armed forces and participate in the electoral process, should be allowed to take precautions necessary to defend their self and love ones should the need to arise.

On a sour note, gun prohibitionists are lining up to restrict and add extra severity to permit holders who carry guns into places such as libraries, parks, and mass transit trains and buses.  Of course, this is quite illogical.

Many women who have fled violent living situations or removed their children from abusive homes are fearful that a number of the places they would frequent with their children would place them in a vulnerable position with no means of self-defense.

It is common knowledge that shooting crimes have occurred and continue in all of the places one is not supposed to carry a gun.  Gang violence in parks and places of mass transit are common place.  Citizens should not be penalized for wanting to be prepared and ready to defend themselves.

A criminal by nature doesn’t obey the law and posting and enforcing no-gun zones is just another way of advertising to thugs that their crime destination of choice is an unprotected killing zone.

In an even more dangerous move, Democratic state Sen. Dan Kotowski of Park Ridge has introduced a measure that would stop citizens from protecting themselves in churches.  This puts not only parishioners in danger, but also priests and pastors who may become targets due to politically incorrect sermons in opposition of abortion, “gay” marriage or even gun rights.

Historically church leaders have set the moral tone of the nation. As the nation becomes more depraved, Christians increasingly are the recipients of hate and hostility.  Depriving them of the means of self-protection is anti-American and goes against everything our founders stood for.

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