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Black Student Union Threatens “Physical Action” if Demands Not Met

The Knights Party Staff

Members of the University of Michigan Black Student Union rallied on Martin Luther King Day and said they would take “physical action” if their seven demands were not met within seven days.   The university now has four days to go before the “physical action” sets in. They declined to say what type of action they referred to.

After the close of the rally on Monday, the radical group Any Means Necessary which was on campus in support of the union,  blocked traffic.  If the two are working together  it isn’t clear what their next line of offense will be.  It may be a flash mob, campus wide polar bear games, referred to by national media as “knock out games” or disturbances of classes.

According to Ann Arbor News, senior Shayla Scales told students that, “If negotiations are not complete we will be forced to do more, beginning to increase valiantly our activism for social progress and take physical actions on the University of Michigan’s campus.”

Entertainer and black supremacist Harry Belafonte was the star of the rally.  The election of Obama has increased his boldness and he has been noted for spurring alarming and hateful rhetoric toward those who do not agree with the president’s policies.  He has gone so far as to say that those opposed to the administration should be put in prison.

The seven demands included more control and in increase of the Black Student Union’s budget, more housing for lower-income students, a new multicultural student center,  forcing all students to learn about the historical treatment of minorities (white guilt),  emergency scholarships for minority students, increased exposure to library materials and a requirement that 10 percent of the campus be represented by black students.

They neglected to mention a study of the epidemic of black on black crime, black on white crime, the current slave trade in Africa,  appreciation for having the highest standard of living of any blacks in the world,  fatherless homes, or the black community’s wide spread repudiation of law and order.

University president Mary Sue Coleman  told the students gathered at the rally that changes will be made.

Coleman, along with school provost Martha Pollack.  The school plans to implement diversity and tolerance programming beginning next year, according to another report from The Ann Arbor News. A student-faculty committee is also being set up to address campus diversity.

The school has been the center of many similar debates. The U.S. Supreme Court backed the University of Michigan law school’s affirmative action policies in a landmark 2003 case. But in 2006, Michigan voters overturned the law which discriminates against whites.

Since the voters approved admissions based on scholastic merit rather than race, the percentage of black students at the school has declined from 6.8 percent to 4.6 percent.

The union’s website states, “We’re a student organization on the University of Michigan’s campus dedicated to the improvement of the lives of students of African descent.”

Imagine if a student organization at the university stated, “We’re a student organization on the University of Michigan’s campus dedicated to the improvement of the lives of students of European descent.

The fact that one statement is considered acceptable and one is not sums up the validity of their demands – Zero.

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