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Violent Aggression Genetically Linked

The Knights Party

The majority of scientists in the 19th and 20th centuries believed that many behavioral traits, not just physical characteristics, were of genetic origin.  This explained why different races produced different cultures.  Yes, environment and the social atmosphere did influence development, but biology itself was a huge indicator of potential.

This is why many today feel they are being honest and truthful when declaring that blacks and others with African ancestry have a propensity toward violence and find self-government difficult, yet thrive when placed within an authoritarian society and compelled to adhere to standards of law and order.  The Japanese and some other Asian races seem to have an inward desire for structure and are innovators.  Caucasians have a large capacity for compassion, invention, and government.

Of course, today these thoughts are considered taboo, racist, bigoted, and hateful. Yet understanding these innate God-given differences and accepting them could mean the difference between world peace or world chaos.  And it is evident that we are leaning toward the latter.

Medical Xpress published an interesting article recently indicating that genetics play a factor in 50% of the variance of the population.  This means nurture vs. nature is 50/50.  They do not discuss race, but at least scientists are beginning to revisit the idea that behavior and genetics are closely related.

 The development of physical aggression in toddlers is strongly associated with genetic factors and to a lesser degree with the environment, according to a new study led by Eric Lacourse of the University of Montreal and its affiliated CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital. Lacourse’s worked with the parents of identical and non-identical twins to evaluate and compare their behaviour, environment and genetics.

“The gene-environment analyses revealed that early genetic factors were pervasive in accounting for developmental trends, explaining most of the stability and change in physical aggression,” Lacourse said. “However, it should be emphasized that these genetic associations do not imply that the early trajectories of physical aggression are set and unchangeable. Genetic factors can always interact with other factors from the environment in the causal chain explaining any behaviour.”

Over the past 25 years, research on early development of physical aggression has been highly influenced by social learning theories that suggest the onset and development of physical aggression is mainly determined by accumulated exposure to aggressive role models in the social environment and the media. However, the results of studies on early childhood physical aggression indicate that physical aggression starts during infancy and peaks between the ages of 2 and 4.Genetically informed studies of disruptive behavior and different forms of aggression across the lifespan generally conclude that genetic factors account for approximately 50% of the variance in the population.


Truth is not hateful.  It must underscore society.  By pretending that something is one way when it isn’t sets everyone up for failure.  But lets say for a moment, that someone disagrees with the data.  Should that person have a right, backed by government dictate (as it is in countries without free speech and perhaps here soon also) to ban this type of information or study?  Perhaps it indicates a fear of the truth.

We are told that in America education is important. But is it only important if it serves a certain agenda? Maybe those who hate the truth do so not because they are loving and considerate. Rather it is because, they are anarchists at heart and the fastest way to turmoil is via racial distress and the social engineered destruction of racial differences through miscegenation.  At the very least to deny the facts or even an open dialogue of theory proves them to be closed minded narcissists.

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