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“Conservatives” Pushing the Hispanic Vote

The Knights Party

Republicans don’t have a good track record with Hispanics in general  Although they have fared better with white Hispanics.

Today, the majority of Hispanics are of mixed heritage and most vote Democratic.  The GOP wants to change that and they have inspired many organizations to do just that.

The LIBRE Initiative is a Hispanic group of “conservatives” who is pushing the GOP and they are concentrating on a dozen states with large Hispanic populations.

LIBRE is not a new group was founded in 2011 and conducted programs  around last year’s presidential elections. The organization has funding ties to Charles and David Koch’s donor network and is led by Daniel Garza, a former White House aide to President George W. Bush.

According to Yahoo news, “LIBRE’s staff is comprised of veteran conservative Hispanic operatives, including National Strategic Director Jose Mallea, formerly the campaign manager for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio; Policy Director Jorge Lima, once an adviser to former Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno; and Chief of Staff Andeliz Castillo, who led outreach to Hispanic media for the Republican National Committee during the 2008 presidential election.  LIBRE has brought on Rachel Campos-Duffy, a writer and wife of Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy, who both made their public debut in the 1990s as a characters on MTV’s “The Real World.”

The group is spending millions on television ads in Spanish and English in the hopes of attracting more minority support to the GOP, but they are also trying their hand at something that the Democratic supporters have known for a long time.  Giving free stuff to potential voters works.

The Republican Party, Garza said, still has much to learn to reach the increasingly critical demographic.  And while he brags about his immigrant family never accepting handouts when he was a child, he is hardly representative of the vast number of Hispanic immigrants in the US.

During tax season last year, for example, LIBRE provided free tax-preparing services in cooperating with H&R Block. It is offering English classes and health and wellness checkups year-round.

The group says they want to lower taxes, overhaul the welfare system, and restrict regulation.  Sounds good, but they also want to legalize the illegal aliens living in the US. and in 2012 spent nearly $1 million dollars promoting “immigration reform.”

(NOTE: Hispanic is not a racial classification, but only refers to people from Spanish speaking countries.  Spain is a white European nation. While most of Mexico, Central and South America have mixed, there remains a small, but significant number of  Caucasians in South America and a small percentage in Mexcio.  Former president Vicente Fox is one example.

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