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Year Three of “Culture Night”

The Knights Party has a tradition of emphasizing the family.  We firmly believe that  strong white Christian families are the key to a renewed white awakening.  Too many in the white nationalist movement talk about saving the family, but we believe that it is the family that will enable the movement to achieve success.

A part of the disintegration of the family is due to the negative affects alien cultures have had upon our people.  And in fact, young people are educated to believe that white people have no culture to be proud of.

Aside from the strong cultural emphasis given in The Knights Party Youth Corps via their online library, Crusader Academy, lessons and work books, The Knights wants to lead by example in other areas relating to “culture” as well.

This past week we were pleased to begin the third year of our “Celebrating White Culture” project.  Each month, families in the Harrison, Arkansas area get together for culture night.  A different country is selected each month.  A short film pertaining to the cultural traditions of the country is watched.  Traditional dishes are brought and eaten.  Music, poetry, and sometimes dance is shared.  Each family brings something for a sort of show and tell.  It may be a traditional craft, a display board with interesting facts, or a folk story to read aloud.

This is truly an event that the whole family enjoys and accomplishes what our people truly need most, a renewed admiration for their history, respective cultures, and heroes.  And it is our desire that after a night of white culture appreciation they will begin to view their historic ancestors as not “just” Swedish, German, English, Russian, Irish, etc. but as different branches of the same tree.

We hope that you will consider starting a “White Culture Celebration” in your area as well.  And don’t forget to attend the Annual European American Heritage Festival on the courthouse square in Pulaski, TN Oct. 25, 2014.  This will be our 28th year of being there.

This January, since the anti- white Nelson Mandela has been in the news so much, we decided that South Africa would be the country of the month.  All the kids enjoyed learning about the white colonists of this nation.

If you would like to e-mail us for suggestions or if you have questions, we would love to hear from you!

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