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Anti-White Student Group’s Demands are Irrational, but Not Surprising


An anti-white, anti-American, and anti-Christian group (pretty much anti everything that the United States was formed upon) at the University of Minnesota (U of M) has ordered the school to admit it is guilty of being a product of colonial Americans.

“We demand an acknowledgement that the university exists as a product of colonialistic processes,” states the official website for the group, which calls itself “Whose Diversity?”

The anti-American group has created a list of demands and is giving the school two years to comply.  It is not clear what they will do if the school does not meet the demands, but it is apparent that white students and faculty are under threat.

Demands include: It also demands that students with “historically marginalized backgrounds” have the opportunity to be involved in hiring these faculty.

Hiring more “medical providers of historically marginalized identities whose work is rooted in social justice” and increasing the number of “non-white” students to meet very specific proportions.

“In two years, the university student body should be proportional to three-fourths of the city demographics of non-white groups. (For example, the student body should be 13.5% Black in two years compared to the city demographics of 18% Black residents).”

Gender-neutral restroom in every building and a faith-neutral “meditation and healing” room on every campus.

“The decor shall be approved by a committee of students, staff, and faculty who embody multiple religious and spiritual beliefs to ensure that these rooms are as respectful and encompassing as possible,” they say.

Every student should be required to take at least one course on “gender non-conforming issues,” and offer “substantially more” courses on “marginalized peoples.”

The U of M police department should be banned from mentioning race in crime alerts.

Organizer Tori Hong told the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder  that  more than 700 students, faculty, professors and alumni have endorsed the plan – including La Raza.

Other notables include:

Cassandra Hendricks, University Pro-Choice Coalition

Melanie Pha, Hmong Minnesota Student Association

Papori Bora, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Betsy Walter, Feminists Organizing Change, MCTC

Sarita Piallay, Humphrey Students of Color Association

Thomas Siburg, Humphrey Students of Color Association

Destiny Farr Rodriguez, George Washington University

Laura Lomax, UMN student, member of Socialist Alternative club

Roman Avalos, Universidad De La Salle Baijio student, Mexico

Robin Feakins, Queer Student Cultural Center

Wazina Zondon, Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love

Check out there site for a complete list of endorsements.

The truth is they are correct in their understanding of American history.  This country was not built for them.  While we can place blame on them for their “demands”,  this is a direct result of the 1965 Immigration Act. Of course, the majority white population was told that it would have not effect on them.  However, we are now clearly experiencing the “fruits” of Congress’s actions.



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