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School Implements TransGender Pro-Nouns

Recent studies show that the average person only reads for 19 minutes a day and children even less than that. Teachers have their work Vancouver school board approves new policy addressing transgender studentscut out for them in this department as good reading skills are fundamental to a proper education.

Now the task may get a bit more complicated as it seems grammar rules are changing. The Vancouver Canada school board just approved a new set of pronouns and mandated their use in the public schools.

No longer is he/she, and his/hers, good enough. After 6000 years of written history “experts” say that “xe, xem, and xyr” is needed as an alternative in order to refer to transgenders.

The vote came after a brief debate and shocked parents questioned the motive behind the controversial language change. Supporters for the newly authorized gender bending language waved pink and blue flags and smugly cheered when they got their way. The school system has already implemented gender neutral bathrooms.

VANCOUVER — Grammar teachers may need to amend their lesson plans after the Vancouver school board approved Monday a policy change that welcomes a brand-new string of pronouns into Vancouver public schools: “xe, xem, and xyr.”

The pronouns are touted as alternatives to he/she, him/her, and his/hers, and come as last-minute amendments to the board’s new policy aimed at better accommodating transgender students in schools.

The vote may be the knockout blow in a bitter and protracted fight over the controversial plan to put gender-neutral washrooms in schools and support students in expressing their preferred gender identities.

“We’re standing up for kids and making our schools safer and more inclusive,” board member Mike Lombardi said in an interview just before the policy was voted in. He said the board was simply putting into policy protections for moves already underway in district schools.

Lombardi said the idea for a pronoun addition was raised during public hearings and was a way to bring clarity to the policy, which allows transgender students to be addressed by their name and pronoun of choice.
Scores of angry parents and community members had attacked the plan during the first two meetings. Some said it could lead to teachers pushing an agenda on children without their parents’ knowledge. Many had called for input from medical professionals.

Patricia Daly, chief medical health officer at Vancouver Coastal, and David Hall, a medical director with the health authority, called the policy change “important and necessary” in a letter to school board earlier this month.

“We want to acknowledge that the policy revision process has not been supported by all parents. That is unfortunate and is likely a symptom of misunderstanding,” stated the letter.


The change expands the board’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, questioning policy, first drafted in 2004.


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