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American Flag in TX found Offensive to Muslims; Tip of the Iceberg

In 1965 the Hart-Celler Immigration and Naturalization Act was passed.  America’s white majority population was told that it would not change the basic structure of the U.S. or have any negative long term consequences.  The act abolished the national origins quota and thus dramatically increased immigration from third world nations.
Combine this with an emphasis on the “racist” founding fathers and generations of school children have been initiated into a hatred for historic white America.  Many will say this is just progress in view of a more enlightened population and as long as Old Glory still waves and the Constitution is intact, who cares.
However, a change from a majority white citizenry to a multi-racial one is leading to the dismantling of common sense and patriotism to the Republic. Non-whites coming to the U.S. are told that America was intended to be a pluralistic nation of many races and religions. (Note: the very first naturalization law in the U.S. permitted only white people of good moral character to immigrate to the U.S.)
Therefore, many will fly the flag under the false assumption that it symbolizes a melting pot of all people. The inaccurate, but commonly held belief provides a disruptive force in the lives of everyone, whatever their national origin. Take Duy Tran of Houston, Texas for example.
A few days after moving into a new apartment at The Lodge on El Dorado Apartments, he  hung his American flag from the balcony of his apartment and then was told by the property manager to take it down. When he asked why, he was told that his American flag was ‘a threat to the Muslim community.’

So whose rights is it that should be protected?  Should the rights of Duy Tran, of Asian origin, and his desire to fly the American flag be upheld even though he misunderstands the history of the flag?  Should the rights of Muslims be upheld, including their adherence to Sharia law?  What about moderate Muslims to avoid the more extreme aspects of Muslim law.
Consider other religions; Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan, Atheism, Baha’i, Bhakti, Rastafaria, Sikhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Confuciansim, Shinto, and Yoruba.  This is just a small partial list of the hundreds of different religions practiced in the U.S. This combined with hundreds of different languages spoken is a recent phenomena and is a result of the push for a multi-racial America.
The question is: Who get’s their way?  There are key points of every religion and subdivisions that others find offensive.
Currently in Iraq there is chaos due to the fighting of three different subgroups of Islam.  The Middle East continues to be a hotbed of violence all due to differences in religion and nationality.  In Asia, the people of Tibet are persecuted by other Asians. And war and bloodshed is a daily event in Africa. And Europe hasn’t been without a history of religious wars.
The genius behind the founding of the U.S. was an idea of a white Christian nation.  No state religion or religious tests would be mandated, but general Christianity would be upheld by all.  And the citizens would all be white.  Different Christian denominations was as varied as would get.  There was a certain tolerance for privately practiced religions of certain subject groups, but that’s as complicated as it would get.  Never would they have imagined the state of religious and racial tension that exists today.

Clare Boothe Luce 1903-1987 was named Woman of the Century after her death. She was a Congresswoman, Ambassador to Italy, and very anti-Communist. She also happened to be the wife of the founder of Time and Life magazines. She worked against the rise of Feminism and to warn of the non-white alien invasion

She told GEO magazine, “Soon there will probably be as many Mexicans in Texas, New Mexico, lower California, and Arizona-and as many Cubans and Latin Americans in Florida-as there are natives…They are also pouring in from Haiti. Now a vast majority of these are illegal. They’re coming over the border, and they’re coming with wives and sisters and nieces who get pregnant immediately because they can then become American citizens and go on relief. I do not know how much more we can absorb…In the 19th century, the U.S. absorbed something like 40 million immigrants. But the vast majority were of a fundamental culture, and they were all white. They were not black or brown or yellow.” She went on to say that “to prefer the ways of one’s own culture is not racist.” America is being overrun by people who are not given to white Western folkways and mores.

Unless we are all robots, we will naturally have different opinions, beliefs, cultures, etc. My faith, culture, and political notions will be offensive to others and I will find others to be offensive.  I do not want to deny others their basic right to practice their own faith, design their own culture, or construct their own political system, neither do I want to be denied this.

The answer is self-determination on a national scale.  Separation is the only solution.  It is natural to most and instinctively pursued.  Get the government off our backs and leave us all alone.  A multi-racial America has already been proven a disaster and an eventual break up is projected.  If white people are to survive we will have to take our cue from other races who find no shame in honoring their heritage and fighting for their people.

As American whites move to the heartland and consolidate themselves into a racial majority within a non-white nation, they will need to think long and hard and consider whether their children are worth it.

Rejecting the American flag in America because it might offend Muslims is just the tip of the iceberg.  Non-whites as a whole find the mere existence of Western Christian civilization to be offensive.  Pandora’s box is already open.  Learn your lesson and next time around, keep it shut.

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