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Goodbye Mike Brown – Hello White Genocide

mb12-630x362Rachel Pendergraft / Knights Party

Outrage! Where is the outrage? While thousands of blacks and some groveling white politicians attended the funeral of a misogynist, white hating, criminal thug, no one from the White House to the state house has bothered visiting the home of Darren Wilson, the white cop who has been character assassinated by just about every news source in America and many abroad.

Mike Brown’s parents blame institutional racism for the death of their son, perhaps they should point the finger back at themselves.  An aspiring rapper who’s online videos show him rapping about hating cops, white people, murder, and beating …p…sy, Mike Brown was hardly the gentle and innocent teenager that has been portrayed.  What kind of parents let their son talk like this?  What kind of parents make excuses for criminal behavior? With a criminal arrest record and video showing him strong arming a store clerk that he outweighed by about a 150 lbs and a least a foot taller, Mike Brown was just a black thug who’s cocky, white hating, behavior cost him his life   because he thought he could beat and subdue office Darren Wilson. What a great parenting job they did.

1.  His mother lost her “baby”.  I would be downright ashamed if my son spoke about women the way Mike Brown did.  Black women are always complaining about how they have a difficult time finding stable black men who will stick around to help make a home for the kids they sire. But rather than hold them accountable, their true racism comes out when they unite to defend thug culture and black males who are apprehended or lethally stopped due to criminal actions. White people never stand in solidarity with white criminals.  They know thugs get what they deserve.

2. I’m sick and tired of hearing about the crime in majority black areas.  Maybe if they would stop harassing hard working cops who try to keep their neighborhoods safe instead of playing the race card all the time, they wouldn’t  find themselves victims of black on black crime.  Even black cops know what problem is, if they are honest enough to admit it.  All anyone wants is for them to act – well, civilized.  Is that too much to ask?  But then again, its racist to ask them to live up to a certain standard – so we’re told.

3. Darren Wilson had his face bashed in and eye socket broken, but America’s racist attorney general, the highest law officer in the land would rather stand shoulder to shoulder with thugs, then with a police officer who has an impeccable record or with the officer’s family who has been threatened and vilified.  Mike Brown’s parents raise a thug and they get an outpouring of support.  Darren Wilson’s parents raise an upstanding community officer and fine, decent citizen and they get nothing.  Darren Wilson’s wife goes to sleep every night worried for the safety of her husband knowing police work is dangerous, and instead of the nation’s highest leaders calling to offer her support, they go to extra lengths to propagandize the public and demand swift prosecution resulting in the loss of her husband, a father to their children, and possible death should he be put into a prison population. Outrageous Indeed!

And why hasn’t Mike Brown’s accomplice been arrested.  There is a warrant out on him and he’s been charged in a previous case with issuing a false police report.  How many of the funeral attendees also have criminal records or are wanted by the law?

Our hearts and prayers go out to Darren Wilson and his family.  Sadly, he is the newest sacrifice to appease a post-civilized America.  It isn’t just blacks, but the majority of non-whites side against law enforcement.  White Americans still hold hope that if they shut up, keep their eyes down, and grovel enough that they will be able to get along with everyone regardless of race.  But they are wrong.

The venomous hatred that has been fueling the riots in Ferguson and the character assassination of Wilson is just a moment in time, but its symptomatic of the widespread bigotry against Western Christian civilization in general.

There used to be a saying, “If you think you have problems with minorities now, just wait until they are the majority.”  Well, that day is fast approaching.  And when it happens it will happen fast.  Already, white children are the minority in America and our sister white nations.  But the next couple decades will see an unprecedented demographic shift that will make the Ferguson riots seem like a walk in the park.

With a flagrant disregard for law and order, and a majority non-white population schooled in white race hate, genocide is on the horizon. The program fostering a future genocide is all around us and can be witnessed in every hate drooling comment made by non-white leadership and their self-loathing white accomplices.

The attempted subjugation of Darren Wilson is a sign of the times.  Please do a better job at raising your children than Mike Brown’s parents did.  The white families of the future will have to work together if they are going to survive and thrive.

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