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“Conservatives” Pushing the Hispanic Vote

The Knights Party

Republicans don’t have a good track record with Hispanics in general  Although they have fared better with white Hispanics.

Today, the majority of Hispanics are of mixed heritage and most vote Democratic.  The GOP wants to change that and they have inspired many organizations to do just that.

The LIBRE Initiative is a Hispanic group of “conservatives” who is pushing the GOP and they are concentrating on a dozen states with large Hispanic populations.

LIBRE is not a new group was founded in 2011 and conducted programs  around last year’s presidential elections. The organization has funding ties to Charles and David Koch’s donor network and is led by Daniel Garza, a former White House aide to President George W. Bush.

According to Yahoo news, “LIBRE’s staff is comprised of veteran conservative Hispanic operatives, including National Strategic Director Jose Mallea, formerly the campaign manager for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio; Policy Director Jorge Lima, once an adviser to former Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno; and Chief of Staff Andeliz Castillo, who led outreach to Hispanic media for the Republican National Committee during the 2008 presidential election.  LIBRE has brought on Rachel Campos-Duffy, a writer and wife of Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy, who both made their public debut in the 1990s as a characters on MTV’s “The Real World.”

The group is spending millions on television ads in Spanish and English in the hopes of attracting more minority support to the GOP, but they are also trying their hand at something that the Democratic supporters have known for a long time.  Giving free stuff to potential voters works.

The Republican Party, Garza said, still has much to learn to reach the increasingly critical demographic.  And while he brags about his immigrant family never accepting handouts when he was a child, he is hardly representative of the vast number of Hispanic immigrants in the US.

During tax season last year, for example, LIBRE provided free tax-preparing services in cooperating with H&R Block. It is offering English classes and health and wellness checkups year-round.

The group says they want to lower taxes, overhaul the welfare system, and restrict regulation.  Sounds good, but they also want to legalize the illegal aliens living in the US. and in 2012 spent nearly $1 million dollars promoting “immigration reform.”

(NOTE: Hispanic is not a racial classification, but only refers to people from Spanish speaking countries.  Spain is a white European nation. While most of Mexico, Central and South America have mixed, there remains a small, but significant number of  Caucasians in South America and a small percentage in Mexcio.  Former president Vicente Fox is one example.

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Violent Aggression Genetically Linked

The Knights Party

The majority of scientists in the 19th and 20th centuries believed that many behavioral traits, not just physical characteristics, were of genetic origin.  This explained why different races produced different cultures.  Yes, environment and the social atmosphere did influence development, but biology itself was a huge indicator of potential.

This is why many today feel they are being honest and truthful when declaring that blacks and others with African ancestry have a propensity toward violence and find self-government difficult, yet thrive when placed within an authoritarian society and compelled to adhere to standards of law and order.  The Japanese and some other Asian races seem to have an inward desire for structure and are innovators.  Caucasians have a large capacity for compassion, invention, and government.

Of course, today these thoughts are considered taboo, racist, bigoted, and hateful. Yet understanding these innate God-given differences and accepting them could mean the difference between world peace or world chaos.  And it is evident that we are leaning toward the latter.

Medical Xpress published an interesting article recently indicating that genetics play a factor in 50% of the variance of the population.  This means nurture vs. nature is 50/50.  They do not discuss race, but at least scientists are beginning to revisit the idea that behavior and genetics are closely related.

 The development of physical aggression in toddlers is strongly associated with genetic factors and to a lesser degree with the environment, according to a new study led by Eric Lacourse of the University of Montreal and its affiliated CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital. Lacourse’s worked with the parents of identical and non-identical twins to evaluate and compare their behaviour, environment and genetics.

“The gene-environment analyses revealed that early genetic factors were pervasive in accounting for developmental trends, explaining most of the stability and change in physical aggression,” Lacourse said. “However, it should be emphasized that these genetic associations do not imply that the early trajectories of physical aggression are set and unchangeable. Genetic factors can always interact with other factors from the environment in the causal chain explaining any behaviour.”

Over the past 25 years, research on early development of physical aggression has been highly influenced by social learning theories that suggest the onset and development of physical aggression is mainly determined by accumulated exposure to aggressive role models in the social environment and the media. However, the results of studies on early childhood physical aggression indicate that physical aggression starts during infancy and peaks between the ages of 2 and 4.Genetically informed studies of disruptive behavior and different forms of aggression across the lifespan generally conclude that genetic factors account for approximately 50% of the variance in the population.


Truth is not hateful.  It must underscore society.  By pretending that something is one way when it isn’t sets everyone up for failure.  But lets say for a moment, that someone disagrees with the data.  Should that person have a right, backed by government dictate (as it is in countries without free speech and perhaps here soon also) to ban this type of information or study?  Perhaps it indicates a fear of the truth.

We are told that in America education is important. But is it only important if it serves a certain agenda? Maybe those who hate the truth do so not because they are loving and considerate. Rather it is because, they are anarchists at heart and the fastest way to turmoil is via racial distress and the social engineered destruction of racial differences through miscegenation.  At the very least to deny the facts or even an open dialogue of theory proves them to be closed minded narcissists.

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Gratz Speaks Out Against MBSU Demands

Knights Party Staff

Jennifer Gratz, is well known to those across the nation who work to give non-whites preferential treatment.  She’s against it. Gratz made comments about the Michigan Statue Black Student Union’s demands that more non-whites be admitted to the college.

They want special treatment and separate treatment based on their race,” Gratz told the Free Press. “That’s something that the civil rights movement has fought against for decades.”

I don’t think the university should engage with groups that threaten and put superficial deadlines on activity and ask the university to take unconstitutional action,” Gratz said.

More than a decade ago, Gratz successfully fought against the use of an affirmative action point system in the undergraduate admissions process at the school after being denied admission.  Qualified white students were refused in order to make room for blacks and others who were given extra points based on race. 

Gratz was the lead plaintiff in the landmark case Gratz v. Bollinger which challenged affirmative action at the University of Michigan . On June 23, 2003 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Gratz was discriminated against and U-M’s admission policy was unconstitutional.

 However, in a companion case decided the same day (Grutter v. Bollinger), the Supreme Court allowed race preferences to continue at U-M’s law school. It did throw out the undergraduate admissions system that awarded extra points to African-American, Hispanic and American Indian students.  Gratz called the split decision flawed and continued the fight for equality in her home state.

 She spearheaded the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI), a state constitutional amendment that made race and gender preferences unconstitutional in public education , employment and contracting.

 In Nov 2006 Michigan voters approved MCRI by a 16 – point landslide.

The court plans to revisit the case this year and there is the possibility they will overturn the wishes of the voters.

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Black Student Union Threatens “Physical Action” if Demands Not Met

The Knights Party Staff

Members of the University of Michigan Black Student Union rallied on Martin Luther King Day and said they would take “physical action” if their seven demands were not met within seven days.   The university now has four days to go before the “physical action” sets in. They declined to say what type of action they referred to.

After the close of the rally on Monday, the radical group Any Means Necessary which was on campus in support of the union,  blocked traffic.  If the two are working together  it isn’t clear what their next line of offense will be.  It may be a flash mob, campus wide polar bear games, referred to by national media as “knock out games” or disturbances of classes.

According to Ann Arbor News, senior Shayla Scales told students that, “If negotiations are not complete we will be forced to do more, beginning to increase valiantly our activism for social progress and take physical actions on the University of Michigan’s campus.”

Entertainer and black supremacist Harry Belafonte was the star of the rally.  The election of Obama has increased his boldness and he has been noted for spurring alarming and hateful rhetoric toward those who do not agree with the president’s policies.  He has gone so far as to say that those opposed to the administration should be put in prison.

The seven demands included more control and in increase of the Black Student Union’s budget, more housing for lower-income students, a new multicultural student center,  forcing all students to learn about the historical treatment of minorities (white guilt),  emergency scholarships for minority students, increased exposure to library materials and a requirement that 10 percent of the campus be represented by black students.

They neglected to mention a study of the epidemic of black on black crime, black on white crime, the current slave trade in Africa,  appreciation for having the highest standard of living of any blacks in the world,  fatherless homes, or the black community’s wide spread repudiation of law and order.

University president Mary Sue Coleman  told the students gathered at the rally that changes will be made.

Coleman, along with school provost Martha Pollack.  The school plans to implement diversity and tolerance programming beginning next year, according to another report from The Ann Arbor News. A student-faculty committee is also being set up to address campus diversity.

The school has been the center of many similar debates. The U.S. Supreme Court backed the University of Michigan law school’s affirmative action policies in a landmark 2003 case. But in 2006, Michigan voters overturned the law which discriminates against whites.

Since the voters approved admissions based on scholastic merit rather than race, the percentage of black students at the school has declined from 6.8 percent to 4.6 percent.

The union’s website states, “We’re a student organization on the University of Michigan’s campus dedicated to the improvement of the lives of students of African descent.”

Imagine if a student organization at the university stated, “We’re a student organization on the University of Michigan’s campus dedicated to the improvement of the lives of students of European descent.

The fact that one statement is considered acceptable and one is not sums up the validity of their demands – Zero.

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Russia Warns Homosexuals Coming to Olympics – Stay away from Kids!

The Knights Party

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that it is fine for  homosexuals to attend the Sochi Olympics and they will “feel safe and free” in Russia during the winter games, but finished by scolding them to to “leave children in peace.”

“We don’t outlaw anything and don’t nab anyone. Our law prescribes no responsibility for these kinds of relationships unlike laws in some other countries do,” he said.  But he did emphasize that the law bans homosexual propaganda targeting minors.

Putin signed that bill into law last June, forbidding the promotion of homosexuality and other forms of “nontraditional sexual relations.” It also effectively outlawed “gay pride” festivals and attempts by foreign homosexualist activist groups to normalize their lifestyles or campaign for same-sex legal recognition.

The International Olympic Committee says that the homosexual propaganda ban is not against its policies.

“The Games themselves should be open to all, free of discrimination, and that applies to spectators, officials, media and of course athletes. We would oppose in the strongest terms any move that would jeopardize this principle,” the IOC said. “To that end, the IOC has received assurances from the highest level of government in Russia that the legislation will not affect those attending or taking part in the Games.”

Moreover, the IOC’s charter specifically prohibits demonstrations or political propaganda in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas.

While Russia’s Interior Ministry said that police will enforce the law against homosexual propaganda, as well as quell any form of political protest in accordance with IOC rules, authorities said that at the Olympic sites in Sochi they will allow gatherings and demonstrations in specially designated areas with tight security.

But rest assured parents.  The new Russia will be looking out for your kids and will not be tolerating any homo pandering to children or teens!

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College accuses black professor of racial harassment against white students

Knights Party / Rachel Pendergraft

It used to be that white people were respected by most  non-whites.  It was understood that this was a white country and despite the devastation of slavery upon white communities, they were nevertheless pleased not to be suffering from disease, malnourishment, tribal ritual sacrifices, child slavery, etc. as they would have been on the dark continent. And white males were regarded with esteem for their part in bringing law and order to the states.

With white women working hard to ensure civility,  family, education, and the Christian religion were priorities in the nation, white men were in charge of protecting it.  With white men ensuring the public safety, everyone, regardless of their status were insured of a safe environment to raise their families.

But, thanks to years of anti-white propaganda and a growing hatred of white males by second wave feminists, white guys have a target on their back.  And it appears that professor  Shannon Gibney had white males in her class in her sights.

A Minnesota college’s administration has issued a formal reprimand to a female black professor accusing her of creating a “hostile learning environment” for white male students, Campus Reform recently reported.

Three white male students filed a racial harassment discrimination complaint against the professor claiming a discussion on structural racism in her Introduction to Mass Communication class made them feel uncomfortable.

“It was inappropriate for you to single out white male students in class,” states the letter from Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) Vice President of Academic Affairs Lois Bollman, according to an article in The Raw Story.

“Your actions in [targeting] select students based on their race and gender caused them embarrassment and created a hostile learning environment,” it continues. “For that reason, I have determined that a reprimand is warranted.”

The professor, Shannon Gibney, said she was talking about structural racism when one white male student got upset and asked “Why do we have to talk about this in every class?” and another asked “It’s like people are trying to say that white men are always the villains, the bad guys. Why do we have to say this?”

She told the students that if they were still offended they should “go down to legal affairs and file a racial harassment discrimination complaint.” They did.

The incident was not the first of its kind for Gibney. She was also reprimanded in 2009 after allegedly singling out white male students on the school newspaper staff for not doing enough to eliminate bias from the organization, according to an article in Minneapolis City Pages, a local news source.

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Sheriff Takes on Tiny Town Tyrants and Vows to Uphold Gun Rights

Knights Party Staff

Wow! Applause goes out to Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman of Kentucky for standing up to tiny town tyrants and D.C. bullies!

Sheriff Peyman arrested two members of the Jackson County Council and promised that this is only the beginning. He said he’s  found evidence of wrongdoing going back decades. Judge-Executive William O. Smith and treasurer Beth Sallee were arrested in what Peyman calls just the “tip of the iceberg.”

People have not been able to go to a Fiscal Court Meeting without being bullied, thrown out of a meeting,” said Peyman.  Peyman says the arrests follow an audit of the year ending June 30, 2011, and he says it deals with unaccounted for money.  What it appears, what is coming back now is the rich getting richer, poor getting poorer,” said Peyman.

He has also told those in charge of the Federal Government’s long range goal of total gun prohibition that he will absolutely not take away the guns of Jackson County’s law abiding citizens.

“My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the US Constitution or the Kentucky constitution which I swore to uphold.”

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