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Illegals ‘flying the friendly skies’ compliments of U.S. taxpayers

Chad Groening   (

A border enforcement advocacy group is taking the Obama administration to task for using taxpayer funds to pay for transporting illegal immigrants to the U.S. under the guise of “family reunification.”

The Migration Policy Institute has just issued a new report titled “Unaccompanied Child Migration to the United States.” It attributes the 2014 surge of children into the country illegally to two factors: (1) violence and poor economic conditions and (2) reconnecting with family in the United States.

A spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) argues that the administration is actually aiding and abetting people who want to come into the United States illegally. Read the rest of this entry »

Outrage after California judge slashes child rapist’s sentence because he didn’t ‘intend’ to harm 3-year-old victim

Kevin_Jonas_Rojano_Nieto_810_500_55_s_c1LifeSiteNews) – A California judge is facing a growing backlash after he cut a child rapist’s sentence to less than half the state’s mandatory time, claiming the required sentence would be “cruel and unusual punishment” under the U.S. Constitution, because the convicted man didn’t intend to harm his victim.

Now the judge is the subject of a campaign asking him to step down, with over 60,000 people signing a petition on to that effect. A Facebook page asking for the removal of the judge has gathered over 16,000 followers.

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Obama administration: Catholic school upholding marriage is ‘sex discrimination’

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 13, 2015 ( — The Obama administration’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has thfound “reasonable cause” to rule that a Catholic prep school has unlawfully discriminated against a homosexual band director formerly in the school’s employ.

Mount de Sales Academy terminated the employment contract of band director Flint Dollar on May 21, 2014, citing Dollar’s impending attempt to marry his male romantic partner, which would fly in the face of the school’s mission “to provide a high quality education based in teachings of the Catholic Church.”

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Family Attacked After Shushing Teens in Theater

Amanda Kelley, WNEP


SuspectsA woman says she just came to see a movie Easter Sunday with her family, when a rowdy group of teens sitting behind her not only harassed her family inside the theater, they allegedly assaulted some of them later in the parking lot and took off.

A black eye, a broken eye socket, and bruises all over–Cindy Santamaria-Williams says this all happened outside the Stroud Mall after an Easter Sunday showing of “Furious 7.”

“The three girls they were sitting behind us. They were very loud, rowdy. They were cursing a lot,” said Santamaria-Williams.

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Teacher Suspended over Class “Get Well” Letters to Killer

CBS News

A teacher in New Jersey who assigned her third-grade class to write “get well” letters to a sick inmate convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer was suspended Friday, the school superintendent said.

Orange School Superintendent Ronald Lee said in a statement that school administrators “vehemently deny” any knowledge of Marilyn Zuniga’s assignment. Preliminary inquiries found that Zuniga did not seek approval from administrators nor were parents notified, Lee said.

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Apple’s New Diverse Emoji Are Even More Problematic than Before

EmojiPaige Tutt, Washington Post

Apple on Thursday introduced its new racially diverse emoji, allowing users to cycle through various shades of white and brown to customize their emoji’s skin colors. Some rejoiced, with choruses of “We made it” flanked by newly black praise-hand emoji filling Instagram and Twitter. Some even professed to cry tears of joy over this sign of racial inclusion. But already, Apple’s well-intentioned gesture to human diversity has taken a turn for the worse. The emoji are being used to make racist comments on social media and insert questions of race in texts and tweets where it may never have arisen before. Instead of correcting its mistake–excluding people of color from emoji–Apple has, in some ways, made the situation worse.

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The Left’s Tired War on Easter

easter_reanactmentExcerpt from – Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.

“Jesus is a MYTH” blasted the Daily Mail on Good Friday, right in time for the celebration of Christians’ most sacred feast, Easter. Just last November, the same publication was reporting that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had children by her.


The “Jesus as Myth” essay picks up on an old hypothesis that gets dusted off every few years for an unsuspecting public, purporting to offer “new evidence” that Jesus Christ never existed as a historical figure. It stacks up right next to stories of the finding of Jesus’ bones, the “married Jesus” theory and the “Jesus didn’t found Christianity, Saint Paul did” proposition.

None of these theories holds much weight among serious scholars, but the media love to repeat them ad nauseam as a way to keep Christians’ feet to the fire, and of course as a way to sell magazines.


The fact remains that all history requires a little faith, since no one now living ever met Julius Caesar, Napoleon, or Benjamin Franklin. We either trust the historical record or we don’t. Of course, anyone is free to invent a conspiracy theory attempting to show that George Washington never really existed, but was concocted as a larger-than-life mythical figure central to America’s founding.

The difference is that the mainstream media wouldn’t bother picking up a silly story like that. If the story somehow undermines Christian belief, however, game on.

Follow Thomas D. Williams on Twitter @tdwilliamsrome

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