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Police Union Pres. is Fed Up with Media Race Baiting – Issues Letter

Open letter to Community in River City, KY by Fraternal Oder of Police Pres.

Consider this an open letter to the public we serve, the criminal element in our city, and the self appointed spokespersons who choose to remain blind to reason, who use misinformation and who sensationalize tragedy at every opportunity to forward their political agendas.

IMG_9628Know this: The members of River City FOP Lodge 614, who serve and protect Louisville every day, will no longer stand on the sidelines while anyone continues to assault and demonize us.

To those of you that support us while we serve and protect you — Thank You. Although you are not chosen for media interviews, we know that you understand we are here for you and your families. We know that the vast majority of you see that ninety-nine percent of police officers serve with integrity and courage. Although we know in our hearts that you are the silent majority, sadly, that may not be enough. Soon, we may have to ask for you to rise with us against the small, but very vocal group of people in our city who resist everything we all strive to attain — freedom, safety and the ability to live our lives happily and without fear.
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Rachel Dolezal is the inevitable outcome of academia’s cult of manufactured victimhood.

Michelle Malkin

Why was America so shocked by homegirl hoaxer Rachel Dolezal?

rachel_dolezal_1_350x219The spray-tanned con artist, who resigned this week as head of the Spokane chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of (Artificially) Colored People, is the inevitable outcome of academia’s cult of manufactured victimhood.

College campuses have been grooming a cadre of professional minority fakers and fraudsters for decades.


The pressure to conform and cash in on the cult of oppression chic is even more virulent among the student body. Race-based affirmative action is a primary catalyst.
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Gun Groups Slam Obama on SC Comments: ‘Does This Man Watch the News?’


Gun-rights groups Thursday slammed President Barack Obama’s call for a national reckoning on gun violence after the fatal shooting of nine people in a South Carolina church Wednesday night and his remark that “this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.”

“Does this man watch the news?” Dave Dalton, founder of the American Gun Owners Alliance (AMGOA), exclaimed to Newsmax before ticking off several mass shootings in recent months. “We had the shooting in Canada not that long ago. You had the one in Sweden. You had knife-and-machete attacks in the UK and other countries.

“You know this stuff happens,” Dalton said.

“Just hours after the tragic shooting in a South Carolina church, President Barack Obama resumed his fanatical war on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners,” said Erich Pratt, spokesman for the Gun Owners of America.
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Supreme Court Puts Stop to Group’s Confederate License Plates

Pete Williams, NBC News

SCVThe U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Texas cannot be required to allow the Confederate flag on car license plates.

The case dealt with how much control state governments can exert over slogans and messages on vehicle license plates.

In the 5-4 ruling, the court said “just as Texas cannot require (Sons of Confederate Veterans) to convey ‘the state’s ideological message . . . (the Sons of Confederate Veterans) cannot force Texas to include a Confederate battle flag on its specialty license plates.”

The case came from Texas, where a state agency refused five years ago to approve a specialty plate requested by a group called the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The design was to include the group’s logo–a square confederate battle flag surrounded by the words, “Sons of Confederate Veterans 1896.”

After hearing public comments on the proposal, the state motor vehicle authority rejected the request, explaining that “many members of the general public find the design offensive,” and associate the flag “with organizations advocating expressions of hate.”

The Sons of Confederate Veterans sued, and a federal appeals court ruled that license plate messages, other than official mottos such as “Lone Star State,” are free speech and cannot be restricted by the state even if some residents consider the words offensive.


In the Texas case, the appeals court said the legal test is whether a reasonable observer would understand the message to be an expression of government or private speech.

The Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, filed court papers as state attorney general urging the court to rule in favor of the state and against the confederate group.


Census Bureau Considers Dropping ‘Race’ from Survey

Nick Gass, Politico


thCBI801D8As part of its final research push before finalizing its 2020 wording, test-census forms will be sent to 1.2 million households later this fall in without any references to “race” or “origin.” Instead, the forms will ask: “Which categories describe person 1?” Respondents will then be able to choose from the usual list of racial and ethnic categories.

According to Pew, Census officials want to be clearer with their questions so that officials can gather more accurate data as required by law. Past testing and focus-group research has indicated confusion among found that the terms “race,” “ethnicity” and “origin” can mislead or confuse respondents, they can mean different things depending on the person answering.

“We recognize that race and ethnicity are not quantifiable values. Rather, identity is a complex mix of one’s family and social environment, historical or socio-political constructs, personal experience, context, and many other immeasurable factors,” the Census Bureau noted in a 2013 report on past testing efforts in the 2010 census. The report also recommended continued research on optimizing the use of examples for each racial and ethnic category, among other strategies.

Census forms currently contain two questions related to race and Hispanic origin, with one asking Americans whether they are Hispanic, Latino or Spanish, and the other asking “What is this person’s race?” with checkboxes and spaces to write in answers.

The Bureau is also testing the use of a “Middle Eastern or North African” category within the current lineup.


Jeb Bush Slow Jams in Two Tongues with Jimmy Fallon

Alan Rappeport, New York Times

jeb bushJeb Bush got the “slow jam” treatment from Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday night, and he reiterated in rhyme that he was finally ready to hit the campaign trail and have “spirited debates” with his fellow Republicans about how to solve America’s problems.


“While we’re talking about the issues, where do you stand on immigration?” Mr. Fallon, host of the “Tonight Show,” asked.


“We are a nation of immigrants, and I believe everyone should have the chance to achieve the American dream,” Mr. Bush said over the music, before offering the Spanish translation. “Somos una nación de inmigrantes, y creo que todo el mundo debería tener la oportunidad de alcanzar el sueño americano.”

You’re Barking up the Wrong Tree, GOP

Ann Coulter, The Hill

download (4)For decades, liberals have bullied Republicans into taking suicidal positions by warning that the country will wreak a terrible vengeance on them if they do not urgently accede to some liberal agenda item. The demanded policy is invariably one that the white working class either is indifferent to or actively detests.

Over the years, the GOP has been obsessed with winning more votes from some generally Democratic constituencies: perpetually alarmed women (gun control), the media (campaign finance reform) and feminists (Equal Rights Amendment).

It never works. Democrats must be astonished at their good luck that Republicans fall for it every time.

Today, Republicans have again decided their path to victory is to concentrate on winning slightly more of another Democratic constituency: Hispanics. Curiously, Democrats never follow their own advice. They don’t neurotically fixate on increasing their support from evangelicals, coal miners, pro-lifers or small-business owners.

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Immigration Reform: Let the States Lead the Way

Alex Nowrasteh, Los Angeles Times

download (3)Texas and California are trying to reform legal migration on their own. The politics in these two states couldn’t be more different, but legislators in both states recently proposed running their own guest-worker visa programs to get around the federal immigration reform gridlock. Relying on states to create their own migration systems may well be the solution to America’s immigration woes.

One-size-fits-all national immigration laws aren’t working. Federal reform efforts have repeatedly failed, so why not let states take a crack at it? States experiment with education, welfare and drug policies–immigration should be next.

A state-based guest-worker visa seems like a radical idea because immigration rules generally fall under federal jurisdiction in the United States. However, Canada and Australia–which like the U.S. are continent-spanning, economically diverse countries with traditions of federalism–each have such programs.

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