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Young Mother Attacked as Toddler Tries to Help

A small child was scarred for life as the toddler’s mom was beaten in a New Jersey park.

The attack occurred June 24, 2014 according to our source, in the city of Salem.

It was captured on video.


Due to the doctrine of disparate impact blacks thugs are not as aggressively prosecuted for violent crimes as are white people.

Disparate impact is a cultural Marxism notion. It presumes that arrest records make it more difficult for blacks to lead productive lives and, consequently, impact their lives negatively causing a disparity of income between blacks and whites.

Disparate impact can be avoided, the believe, by not arresting blacks.

Earlier this week members of the black mob that terrorized Louisville in March escaped prosecution as authorities refused to indict them.

Black-on-white criminal violence was the reason for Jim Crow laws that were intended to protect white people from such attacks as those depicted in the video below. However, virtually all Americans were convinced that Jim Crow laws were an injustice outcome of senseless white-on-black racism.



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BBC Ban White People From Being Presenters to “Increase Diversity”

Daily Stormer

 The BBC’s new director-general is going to ban White people entirely from even being considered for one in seven on-air positions at the BBC.

This blatant discrimination against White people (the very people who invented TV in the first place) is apparently not illegal, because it will ‘improve diversity’. Over £2Miliion in funds is going to be taken from other budgets at the BBC and specifically directed towards helping deceive the public about Blacks and Non-Whites. Off-air, one in ten White people are to be turned away from whatever job it is they are applying for and Blacks and Non-Whites employed instead, regardless of their qualifications.

Welcome to the new Anti-Racist Britain, where the only qualification you need to get a job, is to not be a member of the White race.
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Shock as 84 schools have NO white British pupils at all… double the number of five years ago

More than 80 state schools in England have no white British pupils, Government figures show.

The number of such schools appears to have more than doubled over the past five years, and the findings will fuel concerns that some parts of the country are becoming increasingly segregated.

The new figures follow research showing that white Britons are retreating from areas dominated by ethnic minorities, to be replaced by immigrants and other ethnic minorities.
An Education: More than 80 state schools have no white British pupils, compared to 31 schools in 2008, Department for Education figures have revealed (file picture)
An Education: More than 80 state schools have no white British pupils, compared to 31 schools in 2008, Department for Education figures have revealed (file picture)
Critics said that the previous Labour Government’s ‘open-door’ immigration policy had created ‘huge’ problems for integration, which was now threatening the country’s social cohesion.

The Department for Education figures, revealed in a Freedom of Information request, show that 84 schools recorded last year that no pupils on their rolls were white British. Of those, 67 are primaries, eight secondaries and the remainder special or pupil referral units.

The statistics, derived from the annual school census, found that the highest concentration is in Birmingham, with 22 such schools, followed by Oldham with eight, Leicester with seven and the London borough of Tower Hamlets with six.
MigrationWatch’s Sir Andrew Green said: ‘This is yet another indication of the huge impact of Labour mass migration policies on our society.


The new figures follow a study published earlier this month by the Left-leaning think tank Demos which showed white Britons are moving out of areas where they are in a minority at the same time as the ethnic minority population was growing.

The study said that 45 per cent of ethnic minorities in England and Wales, about four million people, live in areas where less than half the population is white British.

Demos director David Goodhart said the number of schools with no white British pupils was ‘depressingly high’ because it suggested there must be many others where the proportion of such pupils was tiny.–double-years-ago.html

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White Teen Girl Attacked with Bat in Walmart as Hate Initiation

In a random attack in a Ft. Smith, Arkansas Walmart, an 18 year old white female was beaten with an aluminum baseball bat by a black male.

The attacker, Corey Mosley, told police that he attacked the woman so he could join a gang.  This is not new.  Gangs across America are committing hate crimes against whites as gang initiations.

While it is not clear if this was a Knockout game, because of the use of the bat, the two are related because the victims are all white.



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School Named After KKK leader Finally Changing Signs

A high school in Jacksonville, Florida that is strapped for cash decided they would use about $220,000 dollars to change signs and the name of their school. The decision was made a few months back and now the new signs are getting ready to go up.

And what is so terrible about the old name?  The school was named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first leader of the Ku Klux Klan. This is just one example of how honored his name and the Klan use to be among the general population.

Some tried to change the name back in 2007, but board members at the time voted against it.  And Joan Miller Cooper, a former student wanted to keep the old name.  She told the school board that the new name is too closely associated with the Westside Mafia gang.

Even though there was an outcry to change the name, only $2,087 was collected to do so.  Now it’s up to taxpayers.


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White Cop Alleges Discrimination

As if Detroit doesn’t have enough problems, good cops are now being discriminated against for reporting bad behavior.

Lt. Charles Flanagan, who is white, has filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, according to the Detroit News.

The complaint alleges tat the 29 year police veteran found numerous violations after taking over the drug unit.  Incidents include a sergeant who kept drug evidence for himself and another who wrote up fake evidence tags for electronic items that were seized during raids.

Not only was Flanagan transferred out of the job, but also two other white officers who were allies with him.
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Pregnant Woman Attacked by Black Thug

Watch this shocking video as black thug punches out pregnant woman. She now will need physical therapy and be haunted by this attack for years.

Vincent Lavon Johnson, 41, of Pensacola, was taken into custody around 8:15 a.m. Thursday and charged with felony battery, strong-arm robbery and burglary.

According to a report from Pensacola CBS affiliate WKRG, Pensacola Police Officer Greg Gordon said Johnson entered, walked around, put his phone in his pocket, approached a counter, reached over the counter, and punched store employee Jessica Smith, 35, in the face.

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Another Anti-White Hate Crime

Photo from the

Ferndale, Michigan is small town that is less than 10% black. This story shows that racial hate crime mob attacks against white people are occurring everywhere.  Whites have the notion that they only need to fear for their safety in Sundown Neighborhoods, but the hate against whites is seething and is not confined to majority non-white areas.

Local media downplayed the hate crime attack as “a game.”


In the Ferndale case, police said the victim was walking with another man, 36, on Woodward near Wordsworth about 12:30 a.m. Monday.

“They were returning to the victim’s house from White Castle,” said Ferndale Police Sgt. Patrick Jones. “Two black males ran up to them and one of them punched the victim on the left side of his face.”

Police say the victim fell to the ground and struck his head on the roadway. Neither of the two men involved in the attack said a word to the Ferndale victim.

Ewing gave an interview to WXYZ-TV news in which he said he suffered a concussion, a broken jaw, chipped teeth, cuts and bruises. The man who was with the victim told police the two men involved in the attack laughed and ran off.

Police said the two attackers ran east on Wordsworth and got into a waiting gold or silver sedan.

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Milwaukee Wants to Hear from You

Watch out if you live in Milwaukee and possess a gun.  You may find your life in peril.

Mayor Tom Barrett has announced an anonymous hotline that encourages residents to call and snitch on their neighbors.  Never mind that the law says you have a right to know your accuser, this is just plain dangerous.

The idea comes on the heels of more than 200 shootings in the city so far this year and aims to curb the illegal possession of guns.  So now gangbangers and troublemaking neighbors can get the police to work for them.

Have a beef with the rival gang?  Call in the police and a swat team will roll up on their turf.  Got a problem with your neighbor’s late night barking dog or the yard sign that supports the Tea Party, then call in a nasty tip and count the seconds until they are converged upon by police.

Come on Milwaukee.  Its not the guns that are the problem.  Its the demographics!

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Talk Show Host Intends to Orchestrate Murder if Opportunity Arises

The open carry debate is getting heated even with many conservatives towing the line.  Why?  We are schooled in such an anti-gun environment that the mere viewing of a gun sends fear into the hearts of many.  Personally, I’d like to know whose carrying a gun and who isn’t.  Of course, I’m still all in favor of conceal and carry because the element of surprise is probably a better deterrent to crime than open carry.  But then the full magnitude of success that can be achieved with conceal and carry only works if everyone carries.

Imagine Lebron walking down the street or casing a convenience store late at night wondering if the lady behind the counter has a gun or doesn’t have a gun.  It might make a difference if he knew with certainty that she did. And if he knew for certain that if he tried something anyway and got caught, the law was going to see him executed, now that would be powerful.
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