..But I Know Some Really Nice Black (Or Any other Color) People
Sometimes people think that the KKK doesn’t like black people. They think that people in the KKK don’t know any black people and so that is why they don’t like them. But that is not true.

Members of the KKK live all over the country. Some of them go to school with black people or work with black people. Just because a person is in the KKK doesn’t mean they don’t like any black people.

Yes, there are black people and other races of people who are very nice people. They work hard and try to help their families. They tell the black kids not to get on drugs. They want them to get good grades and to get jobs.

Just because there are nice black people don’t mean whites and blacks should mix together.

All the races in the world are different. That is OK because that is how God made them. He didn’t make all the people the same. If God wanted all the people in the world to mix all up and become one brown race than He would have made them that way in the beginning. But God didn’t make everyone the same. We are all different.

In the beginning of our country when the King of England was very mean to the people of America he would not stop slavery. The founders of America didn’t want slaves to keep coming to America. They were afraid because in some small islands in the Tropics where there was slavery – when there became to be so many black people – they all got together and murdered all the white people – moms, dads, and kids. It didn’t matter if they owned slaves or not. They killed them all. Many American’s were very fearful. They knew that the same thing could happen here.

Black people were not allowed in the North. If they wanted to go to the North they had to pay $5000 dollars – a whole lot of money. Some places didn’t care how much the black people could pay – they didn’t want them to be there at all. Many of the people in the North who tried to stop slavery did it because they didn’t want black people any where in the country. They didn’t want free black people and they didn’t want enslaved black people. They wanted all the black people to go back to Africa.

In the South most of the slaves were black, but there were a lot of white slaves too. Even some blacks owned slaves. Most people did not own slaves – even if they wanted too it would cost too much money. Only the very very rich people usually owned slaves. There were also black people who were not slaves.

It was hard in the South for white people to find any work. Most of the farm work on the big plantations was done by slaves so white people couldn’t get jobs. Some owned small stores or little farms, but most white people were very poor. They didn’t have anything against the blacks. They might be neighbors with black people and would try to help them out. But they also knew that they were different and should not date or marry. They knew there were some nice black people because they lived by them. But they were also afraid because there was beginning to be so many black people. When there would start to be bigger groups of black people in the different towns instead of just a few neighbors, they would start to riot or steal and kill. The South said no more slaves could come – there was too many already. Yes, there were still nice black people, but the more there were the more they would hate white people.

Today there are many many black people in America. There are still nice black people, but there are lots of blacks who hate white people. When there are only a few blacks in a town they act nicer to the white people. But when there begins to be more black people, they start complaining about how there were slaves hundreds of years ago and think it is there right to hurt white people. They don’t all think this way, but very very many of them do.

We don’t live on a small island in the tropics, but white people are hurt and killed by blacks all the time. The black leaders get mad if the TV news or newspapers say anything about it.

But all the crimes in the country are kept track of. A person can go to the FBI and find out how many crimes there are and who does the crime. They print all of the information in special reports.

The United States Department of Justice says:

*Almost 1 million white (1,000,000) Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted, or molested by black Americans in 1992. 132,000 blacks were murdered, robbed, assaulted, or molested by black Americans.

*Blacks commit 50 times more violent crimes than whites.

*An FBI report says blacks murder whites 18 times more than whites murder blacks.

Just because a person is black or another race doesn’t make them bad people. But you should always be careful where you go and who your friends are. Young girls should be extra careful. Many black boys feel extra cool if they hurt a white girl. Some kids don’t learn until it’s too late.

Finally, here is a quote by Abraham Lincoln.

From Lincoln-Douglas Debate, published by Haldeman-Julius Company, Girard, Kansas 1923

Page 44 “I have no purpose to produce political and social equality. I am not in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes or of qualifying them to hold office or allowing them to intermarry with white people…I have never had the least apprehension that I or my friends would marry Negroes, even if there was no law to keep them from it…I will, to the very last, stand by the law of this state which forbids the marrying of white people with Negroes.”