Some of the members go to church and some don’t. But even if you don’t go to church every Sunday, you still have to believe in Jesus and be a Christian to join The Knights. Sometimes it is hard to find a good church to go to.

In the book of Revelations in the Bible it talks about seven different groups of churches that would exist between the time that Jesus died on the cross and the time that he came back to be the King of the world. The name of the last church group (all the churches together) was called the Laodecean. But that word translated into English means the church of human rights. But the church of human rights wasn’t a good thing. Sure, they still believed in Jesus, but they were so worried about all the human rights in the world that they got tricked by the anti-Christ. For example: The Bible says it is wrong to be gay and they should be punished, but then everyone starts to feel sorry for them – wants to give them special rights- and then everyone involved disobeys the Bible. And what about murder? The Bible says if you murder someone and it wasn’t for self defense or defense of your family or country that you should have to die. But then people start to feel sorry for the murderer more than the poor victim and want to have special rights for the murderer. Everyone wants to blame others when they get into trouble. Bad people get away with doing evil things.

The Bible says not to adulterate your blood (race mix), but then they do and white people get closer and closer to extinction. After all the people of the world are mixed and criminals have all the human rights then it will be easy for the new anti-Christ government to control the world.

The Bible warns us about this last church group. God says they are “neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm and he will spit them out of his mouth”. The preachers and the church leaders of this time (the time we live in now) would make God sick. They will not stand for what is right. They don’t want to say anything about gays or race mixers, because it isn’t popular. They might be called horrible names and be persecuted if they preach what is the truth. Most of the preachers today deceive the people who trust them. Now, we live in a world where there are drugs, baby killers, murderers, robbers, etc. It is a curse because we have stopped living Christian lives and we have given in to gays and race mixers like the ones in Sodom and Gomorrah. It is sad that there aren’t very many good churches out there any more.

Sometimes members of the Klan can find good Churches to go to and then they are so happy. If they can’t find a good church to go to then the Klan members will teach their children about Jesus at home and have small church meetings with their own family.

The whole point is for us to love Jesus, to be nice to other Christians, and to follow the laws of the Bible.