A core belief of The Knights is that race mixing is morally wrong.

This can sound confusing to some people. Many times when a person hears on the news or in a magazine or by a friend that some other person or group believes race mixing is wrong – they think that means those people hate other people.

If you are on this website because you are doing a report for school, your teacher may have said some some things that are untrue. Your teacher is probably a very nice person and he or she no doubt cares a great deal about you or they would not be trying to teach you – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t wrong sometimes. And almost every teacher of the past would disagree with them on the subject of race mixing. They would be against it.

One thing a teacher (but not all teachers – some teachers might be with The Knights) may tell you is that the reason we do not believe in race mixing is because we hate other people who are not like us. This is not true.

Have you ever heard some one say that we should all believe in diversity – that God made us like he made the rainbow – in many different colors? I am sure you have heard this before. Usually it is people who work to stop the progress of The Knights who say things like that.

Sometimes someone will shout angrily at us, “Hey, don’t you know that God made us all to be different. Don’t you know that God made humans to be all different colors like the rainbow. Don’t you know that God made us all – yellow, black, and white, they are precious in His sight.” And we will say, “You are so right. God made us all to be different. God made us to be as the colors of the rainbow. God made us to be unique. He loves us all – the different colors of the world – that is exactly how he made it….but then my friend why do you insist that it be all mixed up. Why are you not satisfied with the many colors that God made – Why do you want it mixed into only one color. Why do you fight against the unique qualities of each race and work so that everyone is the same? Why do you work to destroy God’s rainbow of humanity? If they are an honest and truth searching person – truly caring about the future of God’s people and creation then they will say, “Well I never thought about it like that before. I must think about this some more. Maybe you aren’t all hateful like I thought. Maybe you do care about all the people that God made.”

Of course we do care about people. We are not robots made of steal who hate and plan ways to hurt other people and to make them miserable. We are moms and dads and young people too, who love Jesus and care about the world that God made.

It is very sad to watch the news or a special program on TV and to see little children dying of hunger. It is sad to see so many children lose their moms and dads in war or even their brothers and sisters. In many 3rd world nations around the earth there is a war going on all the time. In Africa thousands and thousands of blacks buy and sell each other into slavery every day. Thousands of children are sold into slavery in Asian countries and forced to give their body to homosexuals who come from all parts of the world as tourists just to see the children. How sickening and horrible for these poor children. Most of them get AIDS and die very young. In many parts of Africa where the English people went and built big beautiful cities with hospitals, schools, parks, and libraries – the blacks are fighting against each other and just like in the movie Black Hawk Down – the older blacks are tearing the cities apart and none of the black children are safe – even many of them join the local army when they are 10 or 11 years old. In India it is still a custom in smaller villages to kill the little girl babies when they are born. They think there are too many girls. Even the mom might agree that the little girl isn’t needed. In Palestine – a land in the middle east – thousands of children die of hunger – sometimes big tanks come and bull doze their entire little village down and then very greedy people in the government that control their land come and build big houses for other people to live in. Many families are separated and people die when this happens. Sometimes the little children are never able to forgive seeing their mom or dad, their grandpa or grandma, brother, sister, or best friend killed when the tanks come in. They see the Israeli soldiers march in and tell them to leave their home or die. They grow up to be teenagers and see more little villages destroyed and more children killed. They get so mad they don’t care any more if they live or die. Everyone they cared about they had to watch die or rumors come back that a love one was tortured. They strap bombs to themselves and go to a place in the crowded city where the people live that wanted more land and then they blow themselves up. More children and more families then die- so much death and so many terrible problems for the people of the world.

Below is a picture of a girl named Rachel Corrie. She is from the United States. She went to Palestine to help the children there. She thought that if she was there that the Israeli army wouldn’t hurt any of the families or tear down their houses. But instead the bulldozer ran over her on purpose and killed her. They tell the other people there that they will be next if they don’t leave their homes.

Below is a picture of Rachel standing by the bulldozer. The bulldozer is part of the army and it is their job to bulldoze the houses down so they can let Jews live there instead.

Below is a picture of Rachel after the bulldozer ran her over. She died.

Below is a cartoon that a Jewish college student at the University of Maryland made about Rachel dying. He thought it was funny that she died. The Independent Student Newspaper printed the cartoon for thousands of people to look at. Many students got mad about it.

It is a sad fact that so many people in the world don’t get along. Some people think that the way to fix that problem is for everyone to live together – all the people of the world. But most people like to live with people that are like them. It doesn’t mean they hate people who aren’t like them, but they just like to hang out with people who have the same background.

Maybe at your school you will notice that the cheerleaders and athletes might hang together and the kids in the art club might hang together. You probably don’t hang out with elderly people because you just like being with kids your own age. It doesn’t mean you hate old people – you just have more in common with younger people. Married people usually hang out with other married people and single people hang out with other single people.

It is the same thing with race. Most people like hanging out with people who are the same race. But it doesn’t mean they hate other people.

When everyone gets to have their own space – then – when they do get together to discuss business or politics or art or anything for that matter – they just end up getting along better. Nobody is worried about one group of people trying to take something away from them or another group worried about getting bossed around by still another group of people. Everyone knows that after the discussions or business or whatever is over – they have their own space to go back to. Lots of problems happen when people aren’t allowed to have their own space.

Still however, often times a few people will think they know what is best for everyone else. They think that if everyone lives all together they will get along. But they won’t because they don’t have their own space. But that doesn’t matter to some people. They get elected to political office or work in politics and they make laws that force everyone together. No more private space or private countries for each race – that is the result of their plan. Their plan backfires and then no one gets along.

So they try another idea. Lets educate all the people to get along. It sounds nice, but the reason they don’t get along in the first place is because they are forced together.

One sad thing that is happening now is that white people are starting to become extinct. Many people say that sounds like a dumb idea. But out of every hundred people in the world, only 8 people are white. If everyone believes in diversity than they should help the white people to stay on this planet and not become extinct. God made all the races and he said they were all good, that they should all get to have their own country, and that they should all get to live and prosper. We hope and pray that white people will survive.

You can help by learning about your heritage, respecting all the races, support each race being allowed to have their own space, and by encouraging other people to hang out with their own race. We must let others know and see that when everyone hangs out with their own race and get to have their own space that the world will be a beautiful place of diversity and everyone will be able to live in peace. That is why God put us all in our own space to begin with.