I’ve heard some bad things about the KKK
The KKK burns crosses on the yards of black people. This couldn’t be further from the truth. First off, the original klan didn’t light a cross at all. It was a tradition started in the 20’s and it was a religious ceremony – not an act of terror. The cross lighting ceremony signifies the fiery light of Christ – just as the Methodist church uses a cross on fire as their emblem. Usually when a cross is burned today, it is found out to be people trying to get sympathy or it was a prank by kids who don’t belong to the KKK. We love the cross and would never desecrate it. Also, we don’t go around terrorizing people who aren’t white

The KOKI has murdered thousands of people. This is just not true. It is a repeated lie. There has been some men in the past who would pretend to be in the KOKI who would then commit violent acts, but they weren’t really with the KOKI. If it were true, there would be Klan people in jail everywhere. Also, just because a person joins the Klan doesn’t make them perfect. There are bad people who join the Republicans or the Baptists or the Girl Scouts, but that doesn’t mean they are all bad. A long time ago, in some situations, the KOKI punished people to restore law and order, but it was done fairly and it happened over 100 years ago. We believe in the 10 Commandments and do not believe in murder.

Klan people are just stupid anyway.

Movies and TV give the impression that Klan people are ignorant and backward. They do this to prevent people from getting more info. Who wants to be considered a weirdo, right?

Actually, its just the opposite. Dr. James Aho is a professor of sociology at the Univ. of Idaho and he has studied all sorts of racialist groups -the KOKI and others. He said that when he started doing his research he thought that Klan members were dumb, but what he found out was that Klan members had more education and better jobs than most other people. They weren’t ignorant hicks after all. Its a smart person who loves his or her heritage.