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Dedicated to Law and Order –  Mrs. Pendergraft testified on behalf of Robert Henderson, an eighteen year veteran of the Nebraska Highway Patrol, before a special hearing and arbitrator from New York. He had been wrongly terminated and was represented by his union. The special arbitrator reinstated Henderson in an agreed upon binding arbitration by both parties. The state attorney general then entered the case as well as the state supreme court who apparently do not understand the legal basis of “binding arbitration” Mr. Henderson was never found to violate the rights of anyone and had given excellent service to his department.

Excerpts from the Arbitrator’s Decision:

“It is also significant that the group which the grievant joined was ultimately led by Thomas Robb, one of the more well known KKK leaders…the group the grievant joined, while holding ideals largely discredited by the majority of society..had shunned violence and illegal activity. This was not some shadowy unknown group about which little was known”

“The record shows no act of violence or criminal activity even alleged let alone proved against the group the grievant joined, The Knights Party.”

“The arbitrator is perplexed that the agency did not copy more of the Knights Party website…if the website was filled with content that was objectionable.”

Successful Trip to D.C.The trip to Washington D.C. was very successful in that we were able to meet a wide variety of men and women who work in the law enforcement profession during “Cop Week.” National Police Week is a week long law enforcement event in D.C. and the surrounding area where thousands of police representing cities, counties, and states all across America come for seminars, memorial events, and fun.

Time and time again we heard the frustration of good cops who have a dream for a safer America. And like you, many of them are fearful of the type of future their children are going to have when America ceases to be a white majority Christian nation. And that day is fast approaching.

We worked to let them know that we share their concerns, that we aren’t a fringe hate organization as groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center like to imply and that we represent a core group of honest, sincere, and dedicated men and women working for a return of Law and Order in America.

Attention To Those Seeking Klan Affiliation The name “ku klux klan” is in the public domain. This means that ANYONE – ABSOLUTELY ANYONE – Can say they are in the ku klux klan, are the leaders of the ku klux klan, or can start a group or club called the ku klux klan. The national media doesn’t help the matter any because they often – unethically – use stock photos of robed and hooded figures, crosses on fire, or pictures of nooses when doing a story on the “klan”. Occasionally, a journalist will do a story about some nutcase calling himself a Klan member or leader and rather than do their homework, they will illegally pull photos or shots of our website to go along with their “news” piece. Our legal department is looking into this.DO NOT be fooled! The Knights Party is a legally recognized, white rights  organization working to promote western Christian civilization – This means LAW and ORDER! We do not offer gun training. We do not promote violence – EVER! We do not have secret rituals – EVER! Our conferences are open to the public and media. Our spokesmen and spokeswomen do not speak anonymously with the media – We are who we are. They know our names and our faces. The only thing private about The Knights Party is YOUR association – a right that we have won before the U.S. courts! We are men and women who love our families, Jesus Christ, and America. We are working to make a difference for our people and to bring hope back to the land! Sign up today!Call 870-427-3414 if you have questions