The members of the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership wants all children 0-18 to receive mandatory mental health screening before being allowed to enter public school each year.

The Illinois plan is the first in the nation to have progressed so far. Illinois now requires each child to have a physical examination certificate and for the certificate to be updated each year. The law for the mandatory physical screening was signed into law last year with $10 million set aside for the program.

Mental health officials, members of several state agencies, and the National Education Association want the mental health screening added to the certificate requirements. They say it is necessary to find out which children are developing anti-social behavior so that these kids can receive the needed mental health intervention. Mental health experts view anti social behavior to range from shyness, depression, drug use, and gang activity, to homophobia, and racism, which many psychiatrists now call a”mental disease”

Another group that backs the inclusion of mandatory mental health screening is the giant pharmaceutical companies. If the proposal does end up as a requirement for children, the drug companies will benefit enormously from having thousands of young children being diagnosed with hyperactivity, depression, and”shyness” which some are now diagnosing as a mental disease.

Notice the recent explosion of commercials on television offering drugs to treat ADHD for children and adults instead of using sound nutrition. There is also the new epidemic in which those formerly referred to as shy are now being diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. Instead of working to increase their self -esteem through praise and involvement in group activities, drugs are prescribed. How do they expect our children to stay off illicit drugs, when every so-called problem is said to have a quick drug fix. The only difference is that the pharmaceutical companies and leaders in the mental health industry do not want kids getting drugs off the street. They want to be the ones making the profit.

This news offers just one more reason why parents must seriously consider home schooling their children. I have nothing against public education. It was Christians who thought it was important enough that tax dollars should be used for the educational advancement of their children – rich and poor alike. State and national laws set Christianity as the basis of education and likewise education was for the purpose of becoming better Christians.

In 1892, the Kansas teachers’ union compiled a book on the history of education in America. They noted that American education was”nurtured in the lap of the church”. Christian education is essential to good government and must be at the core of all American schools. It has been said before, and it is true. The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.

The unethical multi billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, putting profits above people, and social deviants who despise traditional Christian values are targeting kids in public school. If public schools aren’t based on Christianity, we must , do all within our power to get our children out. Our children are harmed just as much by a little “mind poisoning” given in daily increments as they are with one big dosage. Unfortunately, the little doses given over a long period of time often aren’t able to be measured until its too late.