What is White Christian Revival?
The meaning of White Christian Revival is very simple. Revival means to turn away from a state of neglect. If something is neglected then soon it will die away. If you forget to feed the gold fish or to water a plant for too long…they will soon die.

White Christians have been neglected – the ideas of the founders of America have been neglected. The politicians and the media seem to care only about minority children. It’s as if they forgot that in the whole world the white people are the real minorities. It might not seem like it but white people are in danger of becoming extinct just like the dinosaurs.

White Christian Revival means to start paying attention to white Christians. It means we should care about what happens to white people. Sure it’s ok to care about what happens to other people. We think its terrible that little children are forced to work in slave labor camps in China making stuff like Nike tennis shoes that American kids get to buy cheaper – why just because the Chinese kids get paid only a few cents an hour to work. And in Africa there are thousands of kids who are starving. In India where hundreds of millions of people live they commonly kill baby girls because they are considered a useless mouth to feed. There are terrible things happening around the world. We think all of these things are very sad.

But you know, that’s another thing that white people as a whole have to be proud of, because through the history of the world white people have tried to help the starving, the over worked, the beaten down, poor and sick people all over the world. The white Christian people have tried to go all over the world telling everyone the good news about Jesus and how following the laws of the Bible will help them. White Christians have been a blessing to the world. It would be a terrible thing if white Christians didn’t exist any more or were outlawed by politicians who didn’t understand how much white Christians helped the earth. It’s important for white Christians to love their heritage.