Trump and the MidTerms: Reality Check

November 12, 2018 Staff 0

Thomas Robb Pundits are still questioning the election results of November. It is customary for the party in control of the White House to lose congressional and senatorial seats in the midterm election. The Democrats had been predicting a “blue wave” to sweep a multitude of Republican congressional and senatorial representatives back home. Democrats did retake control of the congress. However, the Republicans increased their control of the Senate. This is a significant win considering their power to confirm the president’s nominees for judiciary positions. Losing the House is disappointing – however – not devastating to the president’s agenda. Losing […]

White Resistance News

November 24, 2017 Staff 0

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Media Visit from France

October 25, 2017 Staff 0

To the left is a picture from a recent visit from a French television news team. They were on hand to interview National Director Thomas Robb and National Organizer Rachel Pendergraft about the current state of white nationalism, the AltRight, and our views about white genocide. They discussed The Knights’ Party’s newspaper, The Crusader, the web news program, “White Resistance News” in production and online since 1998 and online since August 2016.


National Conference Update

October 25, 2017 Staff 0

The Knights Party Congress, held over Labor Day Weekend outside of Harrison, Arkansas, was a time of learning, fellowship, entertainment, and inspiration. The event got under way on Friday night with a meet and greet sponsored by the Christian Revival Center with associates and their families, from across the country enjoying locally prepared desserts, hoirdervers, and musical entertainment by Steve and Bonnie. Saturday, after breakfast prepared by volunteer staff, speeches were made by Shawn R. of Ohio, Tom Bowie of Arkansas, Joseph M. of California, evangelist Steve Kukla of Oklahoma, Jason Robb with the national office and Lisa from Texas. […]


Anti-Sharia Nationwide Marches

June 9, 2017 Staff 0

Knights Party Associates volunteer to march with Act for America against Sharia Law on June 10th. While The Knights Party doesn’t necessarily agree with all of the talking points of Act for America; they believe in a religious pluralism, LGBTQ rights, and that at its core, Islam is a peaceful religion, we do nevertheless agree that Sharia law MUST NOT be allowed to permeate America and our court system. Already, Sharia law has been utilized in numerous court proceedings. It is anti-family, anti-woman, anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-Children. Learn more by watching today’s White Resistance News at March Locations: ARIZONA […]